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Nga Huarahi Tawhito / Ancient Pathways
Published on August 9, 2008 By pekapeka In Ancient


Re:      Art Exhibition entitled: Nga Huarahi Tawhito / Ancient  Pathways


                     New Works / Paintings by Rua Pick.



WHERE                                 Toko Mata Gallery

                                                82 Lichfield St, (1st Floor)

                                                Between Colombo St. & Manchester St.


                                                Ph: 021 024 86 133


PREVIEW                              Thursday 16th October @ 7 pm


DURATION                           October 16thNovember 22nd  2008


GALLERY HOURS              Monday – Friday 12:00 – 5:00 pm

                                                Saturdays 12:00 - 2:00 pm






Artist comment: Rua Pick

These Taonga (Treasures) pay homage to the Tuuaapapa (Foundation) of sacred lands, a journey of many directions along ancient pathways, all connected in time and space.  Timeless creations written on stone so long ago, singing of the past, present and future like the bright stars above.  This exhibition is a tribute to the ancient Nga Kai Tuhituhi (Scribes).


‘Nga Huarahi Tawhito’ follows on from the ‘Purapura Whetu’ (Star Dust) Series - 2006, in which I painted old stories within the shapes of the Waitaha nga hoanga tuhituhi (rock drawings and paintings) of the South Island of New Zealand. 


Within the formats of this current body of work I pay homage to the sacred rock art from around the world: Aotearoa, Rapanui, Hawaii, Utah and other ancient lands.  A number of the paintings are inspired from other forms such as manu tukutuku (kites), taha (gourds), kohei (pendants) - pekepeka, kopepe, rei miro and Sumerian sculpture.  Voyages of sky, land and sea are portrayed within these most primal of windows.  Te Ariki Tupoupou o nga Rangi, Te Waiariki, Te Ruapekapeka, Waitaha, ‘Anasazi’, Sumerian and other ancient cultures are honoured in these artworks.  Te Manuhiri / The Shimmering Birds, dance within the paintings like stars reflected in the water. 


Mai te rangi, ki te whenua

Mai te whenua, ki te rangi

Te porowhita o te moehewa hurihuri

Ka huri te Ao Pouri

Ka huri te Ao Marama

From the heavens to the lands

From the lands to the heavens 

The circle of the dream revolves

The world of darkness turns

The world of light turns.


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